Drawing task

Please read the instructions below carefully to see what you need to do.

What to do

The task is to mark the border between the foreground (=the person) and the background. To do this, simply draw on top of the image, as explained below. Try to keep the line as thin as possible (a size of 10 for a sharp edge).

The final image should look similar to this

How to draw

It is important that the line is exactly on the border, and not in the foreground or background.

Good example, line is on the border
Bad example, line is too much inside the image
Bad example, line is too much outside the image

However, for areas where foreground and background are mixed, or the foreground is transparent, simply make the whole area blue.

Fine hair, foreground and background is mixed
Marking the area where the hair is in blue


Zooming in makes it much easier to draw. This can be done using the normal zoom function of the browser (usually by clicking "Ctrl" on the keyboard and turning the mouse wheel)

Download the finished result

Once you are finished, click the "Download" button. An image with the sketches you did will oppen. Right click on it and select "save image as", then send us the downloaded image.

Important: It is very important that the image is downloaded, and not a screenshot is taken. Also make sure that the downloaded image has a resolution of 1920x1080

The downloaded image should have only the strokes, like this

Draw here:

Please draw on the image below. Draw with your mouse on the picture. Change the pen size by clicking on the numbers. Erase by selecting the white color instead of the blue color.

If you don't see the image below, something went wrong with entering the link you received! Please reload the page and try again!